25 Rectangular Poker Chips - European Style Plaque

Sports & Outdoors
These European style rectangular poker chips are a great addition to any poker game. These chips can take on any denomination you want. Usually used for high stakes denominations, these rectangular chips give a unique feel to the game. At 32 grams each, they are much heavier than normal chips, but are still able to be shuffler and played with like round poker chips. Packaged in multiples of five. Dimensions: 2 7/8" long, 1 3/4" wide, 1/8" thick. Breakout: 5 purple, 5 yellow, 5 pink, 5 brown, 5 orange.

Heavy - 32 grams each
Shuffle like normal chips
European Style Chips
Add high stakes to any game with these chips
5 different colors

Balance Salt and Pepper Set

Home & Kitchen
3 stone shaped containers, the top white one is for salt, the middle dark gray one is for pepper and the bottom one is for a dipping sauce like soy. It's already beautiful as it is, but the fact that the stones have a different surface treatment, one is glazed and glossy, one is untreated and matt - is just another lovely feature to make this salt and pepper set even more special.

salt and pepper shaker and teriyaki tray