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ON COURT OFF COURT 20021837 QuickStart Maxi Net System (EA)

ON COURT OFF COURT QuickStart Maxi Net System (EA)

SHANY Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit, 13 Ounce (22 Piece Natural ZGF Goat or Sable Bristles with Red Cotton Pouch)

NY collection by Shany cosmetics , all you need for a flawless look; Premium line of brush kits
22 piece natural ZGF goat hair; Best bristles available in market; Mix of soft and firm hairs for who loves to use both; Red cotton pouch
Studio quality brush set that comes with a red cotton pouch; Red brushes and small zip storage for storing your makeups in pouch
Manufactured in a factory that makes high end brand; 30 days risk free trials; Try them once and you will be in love with them
Rinse your brushes with soap and water once and dry them for 15 minutes before use; Shany cosmetics is proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty