Spirit Gamble: A Gamble True Novel

Gamble True is ready for her new life to begin. After dealing with a Wendigo possession, another betrayal by a father from whom she's come to expect no less, the acquisition of a new family, and extensive lessons in learning to control the other side of her nature, she's ready to embrace life as an Elemental and leave the shadow walker legacy behind. She's thrown herself into training for her new role as a hunter for Townsend Securities in the hopes that she can complete her first assignment and simultaneously help a friend that desperately needs it... And she's finally getting a handle on just where she fits in to the Elemental community... But she'll soon find that it's not always easy to deny what you are. There are some new players that she'll have to learn to interact with and new dangers threatening her community. If Gamble has any hope of protecting her friends and family, and finding her true place among them, she'll have to face her walker heritage- and some old friends...

The Lawyer's Winning Edge: Exceptional Courtroom Performance

Trial Practice
An attorney must be a successful advocate in the courtroom, creating oral arguments that are informative and conversational, yet passionate, authoritative, and compelling all at the same time. The Lawyer’s Winning Edge: Exceptional Courtroom Performance will help you develop outstanding courtroom presentation skills. In addition to discovering how to construct a captivating opening statement and a powerful closing argument, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about using body language, facial expressions, and eye contact to underscore your message. The Lawyer’s Winning Edge shows you how to build a relationship with the judge and jury and demonstrates how to call them to action. Best of all, The Lawyer’s Winning Edge comes with a video CD-ROM that features demonstrations by the authors of breathing, voice projection, and eye contact techniques, as well as presentation skills-building exercises. This disc is playable in any Windows® 98 (or later) computer with a CD-ROM drive and speakers. The book and CD-ROM are indispensable tools to help you become a more effective communicator so that you can produce dynamic, persuasive courtroom presentations.