Severe Domestic Squalor

Should you intervene in the life of the 48-year-old woman whose dwelling is stuffed with accumulated rubbish and who will not let anyone help get rid of it - or the 78-year-old surrounded by putrescent food and filth - or the 'animal accumulator'? Cases of severe domestic squalor (sometimes called Diogenes Syndrome) are among the most complex and difficult faced by community agencies. Local councils, housing officers, health professionals, social services, animal welfare agencies, public guardians and of course relatives and neighbours often feel powerless and lack confidence about what to do when faced with such situations. The guidelines, recommendations and case examples in Severe Domestic Squalor will help concerned people to understand what can be done and how, by providing an understanding of the causative factors and who should take the lead in dealing with them.

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B-05 Episcopal Shield Bishop's Committee 1" Religious Pin

Brooches & Pins
Episcopal Shield Bishop's Committee lapel pin is 1" in diameter. The pin has vibrant color enamel inlay and gold plated accent.In 1940 the Episcopal Shield was adopted. The shield is a visual representation of the Church's history. Its colors (red, white and blue) represent the colors in the American flag. Within the white field there is a red St. Georges Cross; as he is the patron Saint of the Church of England.
While the Episcopal Shield recognizes its roots in the Church of England, it does more to represent its individual history in the blue field with the nine Crosslets. Each Cross represents one of the nine Dioceses that met in Philadelphia in 1789 to ratify the initial Constitution.
Also, the Crosses in the Episcopal Shield form a St. Andrews Cross as a remembrance to Scottish Episcopal Churches. (St. Andrew was the Patron Saint of Scotland.)

Episcopal Shield Bishop's Committee lapel pin
Vibrant color enamel inlay
Gold plated accent
1" diameter